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Drones for Precision Agriculture

State-of-the-art agricultural drones enable agronomists and farmers to acquire high-precision aerial imagery in multi-spectral bands. This imagery helps farmers save money on expensive inputs, such as nitrogen, and maximize crop yields. Novadrone provides farmers with an umbrella solution to optimize cultivation techniques and maximize revenue. Our drones have interchangeable sensors, enabling users to integrate Visual, Thermal, Infrared and Multispectral cameras.

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Select your professional drone for precision agriculture


  • Up to 1 Sensor
  • Endurance 2 hours
  • Nominal coverage 300 Ha (741 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • Up to 2 Sensors
  • Endurance 1 hour
  • Nominal coverage 180 Ha (444 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • Up to 3 Sensors
  • Endurance 2.5 hours
  • Nominal coverage 800 Ha (1976 Acres) at 120 m
  • Kevlar + Carbon Fiber

Select the product that best fits your needs. With our drones you can combine RGB, Thermal and Multispectral cameras. We can tailor make a drone to fit your exact needs.


Sensors for precision agriculture drones

Novadrone partners with Micasense to deliver integrated professional multispectral sensors.  These capture the specific wavebands needed to accurately analyze plant health.

Precision Agriculture drone Micasense Rededge

Micasense Rededge

Precision agriculture drone sensor Parrot Sequoia

Parrot Sequoia

Agriculture drone tasks by season

Combine visual, thermal and multispectral sensors to reduce costs and optimize your seasonal tasks.


  • Pre-harvest: Dry down and observe stand consistency.

  • Post-harvest: Analyze soil, tillage and topography.


  • Early soil analysis

  • Tillage analysis

  • Tile analysis

  • Drainage analysis


  • Irrigation management

  • Observe growth variability

  • Assess and observe nitrogen needs

  • Monitor crop stages to optimize application timing


  • Assess input and machinery performance

Precision agriculture drone in action


UAV agriculture survey workflow


Select the area you want to scan, plan and simulate your flight survey mission.


Launch your professional drone. It will take-off, capture and geotag high-resolution images and, finally, land. All in fully autonomous mode.


Process acquired images with our software solutions and transform them to digital terrain models.


Deliver impressive results to your customers in almost any industry standard format: CAD, GIS, etc.


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