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NOUR is the newest, most versatile drone in its class. Built using high-grade materials such as carbon fiber and polyamide, NOUR is the perfect tool to acquire periodically accurate data of large areas. Based on the Ranger EX, a Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) airframe, we designed and built a drone for mapping professionals. NOUR’s state-of-the-art features include up to 2 hours of endurance, PPK upgrades and a modular POD which allows for flight with multiple sensors: Visual, Thermal or Multispectral cameras.

Surveying | Agriculture | Forestry | Mapping | Surveillance | Research


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All Novadrone aircraft, including NOUR, are produced in our factory in Seville, Spain. Each drone we make is developed with the twin goals of safety and ease of use for our customers.

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NOUR Ground Control Station software

NOUR’s Ground Control Station software provides a user-friendly, point-and-click interface. You are able to run this software on any Windows computer, laptop or tablet. Ground Control Station allows the operator to monitor the autopilot, change waypoints, upload new flight plans and initiate pre-configured flight patterns. All Novadrones include encrypted communications and control as standard features.

Nour Ground Control Station software

NOUR sensors and lens

We offer standard packages with a variety of camera and lens options. These are individually optimized for each customer to deliver the right information for their chosen application. Per customer requirements, we can integrate the optimal sensor(s) for your business needs, any kind any brand.

Nour sensor
  • Visual, Thermal and Multispectral

  • Plug and Play

  • Field-Swappable
  • Rugged support and anti-vibration systems
  • Controlled by the autopilot

  • Optional PPK and RTK integrations

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NOUR Highlights

Nour Highlights

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Industrial grade autopilot integrated in NOUR

Since 1994, with 1000 customers in more than 85 countries and thousands of flight time hours, Micropilot is a world leader in professional UAV/RPAS autopilots. Novadrone teamed with Micropilot to integrate their high quality and reliable autopilots in our platforms. Our team of engineers develop all the integration, parametrization, customization, programming, flight tests and flight optimization in our facilities in Sevilla. This give Novadrone full the control for future integrations, customized solutions and sensor integrations.

NOUR professional drone for aerial mapping

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  • 1 Swappable Sensor
  • Endurance 2 hours
  • Nominal coverage 300 Ha (741 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • 2 Swappable Sensors
  • Endurance 1 hour
  • Nominal coverage 180 Ha (441 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber