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Built for professionals

Ready to work in adverse conditions, Nomad is an industrial grade drone built for professionals. Nomad is the most efficient and robust aircraft in its class. Its great in-flight stability ensures more accurate and trustworthy results than provided by other drones on the market. Nomad is able to deliver high-resolution georeferenced images, 2D maps and 3D models.





Ultra-light airframe and advanced aerodynamics.



The most advanced composites: Kevlar and Carbon Fiber.



Full Flaps/Airbrakes and Sonar for accurate and safe landings.



Interchangeable POD: RGB + Thermal + Multispectral

novadrone nomad servo

Industrial grade drone

We used the highest quality, most robust components when we created the Nomad. This custom milled servo horn is the perfect example of our dedication to quality and commitment to detail. It is made of aluminum and advanced composites. At Novadrone, we take things to the next level. When we design a new drone, if high-quality component parts aren’t available in the market, we design and manufacture our own using our cutting edge engineering techniques.

User friendly

What tools do you need to assemble the Nomad and start flying? A single screwdriver.  The wings and tail include integrated connectors so the operator does not need to connect any cables. This makes the Nomad easier and safer to operate than other drones.

novadrone nomad tail

Highly reliable autopilot

Micropilot is a world leader in professional UAV/RPAS autopilots. The company has been in business since 1994. They have logged thousands of hours and have 1,000 satisfied customers in more than 85 countries. Novadrone teamed with Micropilot to integrate their high-quality, reliable autopilots into our fixed-wing drones. Our team of engineers performs all the integration, customization, programming, flight tests and flight optimization in our facilities. This gives Novadrone full control over future integrations and sensor integrations. It also allows us to create customized solutions for our clients.

Extreme perfection in every detail

Nomad is an industrial grade drone for mapping professionals. Ready to work in adverse conditions, Nomad is the most efficient and robust aircraft in its class. Its great in-flight stability ensures more accurate and trustworthy results. Nomad delivers high-resolution, georeferenced images, 2D maps and 3D models.

novadrone drones nomad perfection

Safety First Design


Advantages of our design

  • #1 In-Flight Stability: Delivers more accurate and trustworthy results.

  • Aerodynamically efficient: Enables flight times of over 2 hours so you can complete your projects faster.

  • Lower Risk: Fewer required flights means fewer take-offs and landings, which is where most accidents occur.

  • Safe Landings: The keys to safe landings are stability and low final approach speed. Nomad can deploy full crow brakes and lower its air speed to 4m/s before touching down.  This makes for a smooth and safe landing.

Drawbacks of other designs

  • Reduced In-Flight stability: This is especially true of short wingspan airframes. Lack of stability often leads to blurred images and lower quality results.

  • Reduced efficiency: This leads to reduced flight-times, meaning more flights are required to cover equivalent areas.

  • Take-off safety issues: This is particularly true for hand launched drones. Their rear propeller positions can cause injuries to the operator.

  • Landing safety issues: The lack of flaps means that landings require higher speeds and are consequently rougher.  Rough landings put the aircraft at risk and can degrade the equipment and electronics.

Nomad POD

The Nomad features an Interchangeable POD. Since it can carry one or more cameras at the same time, the possibilities are endless. Users can combine RGB + THERMAL + MULTISPECTRAL cameras, depending upon the requirements of their applications. The Nomad POD is fully manufactured in advanced composites. The camera supports are manufactured in aluminum and/or 3D printed PLA + Carbon Fiber parts. All our camera supports include anti-vibration systems so users can obtain perfect images.

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How it works

Technical Specifications

Endurance (h)
Payload (Kg)
Performance (Ha)*
Cruise Speed (m/s)

*Standard atmosphere conditions, Altitude 120 meters AGL, 70% lateral overlap.


  • Material: 100% advanced composites- Kevlar and Carbon Fiber
  • Wingspan: 300 cm
  • Length: 140 cm
  • Power: Electric
  • Battery: LiPo / Li-ion
  • Engine: Axi Motors Brushless
  • MTOW: 5.000 gr


  • Medium Time Between Failure: >49,000 hours (at 25º Celsius)
  • Temperature Range: -20º to +65º
  • Attitude update rate: 200 Hz
  • Operating Voltage: 6.5V to 30V
  • Radio Link: 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz
  • Automated pre-flight checks
  • Automatic take-off, flight mission and landing
  • Automatic fail-safe routines
  • User controlled fail-safe commands
  • Mission planning

Flight performance

  • Endurance: Up to 2 hours*
  • Cruise Speed: 18 m/s
  • Range: 130 Km
  • Maximun Ceiling: 12.000 meters
  • Weather Limit: Winds up to 70 km/h and light rain
  • Project Perfomance: Starting at 800 Ha/flight at 120 m AGL


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