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Drone for Surveying

Drone for surveying and mapping professionals. Novadrone has developed a set of products that provide best-in-class tools for aerial surveying. We offer surveying professionals end-to-end UAV solutions including PPK and RTK accuracy. We work with market leaders to bring you the most efficient, robust and versatile land survey software platforms available.


Select your drone for surveying professionals


  • Up to 1 Sensor
  • Endurance 2 hours
  • Nominal coverage 300 Ha (741 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • Up to 2 Sensors
  • Endurance 1 hour
  • Nominal coverage 180 Ha (444 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • Up to 3 Sensors
  • Endurance 2.5 hours
  • Nominal coverage 800 Ha (1976 Acres) at 120 m
  • Kevlar + Carbon Fiber

Select the product that best matches your surveying needs. With our drones you can combine RGB, Thermal and Multispectral cameras. We can tailor make a drone to fit your exact needs.


Drone survey featured project

Engineering teams need reliable drone mapping and surveying tools. They also they need reliable surface data to develop their designs. Due to time constraints and shrinking budgets, engineering companies need effective, fast and highly accurate solutions. What’s the best way for them to meet these needs? A Novadrone.

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Aerial survey applications and deliverables

Deliver impressive survey project results in industry standard formats

Drone for Surveying


  • Aerial Topography

  • Civil Engineering

  • Infrastructure construction

  • Utilities

  • Renewable energy power plants

  • Mining

  • Telecommunications

  • Environmental monitoring

Georeferenced Deliverables

  • Ultra Dense Point Cloud

  • True orthomosaic

  • Contour Lines

  • 3D DEM / DSM

  • 3D Textured Model

Our drones are compatible with Pix4D, Photoscan, Hexagon, Erdas, ArcGIS, Global Mapper and other standards surveying software.

UAV survey workflow


Select the area you want to scan, plan and simulate your survey mission.


Launch your professional drone. It will take-off, capture and geotag high-resolution images and, finally, land. All in fully autonomous mode.


Process acquired images with our software solutions and transform them to digital terrain models.


Deliver impressive results to your customers in almost any industry standard format: CAD, GIS, etc.


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