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Drones for Forestry

The challenge for foresters and forest management consultants is to maintain the health of our planet’s forests whilst facilitating commercial exploitation of its resources in a socially acceptable manner. There are several applications where a drone for forest mapping can help with these tasks.

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Select your professional drone for forestry


  • Up to 1 Sensor
  • Endurance 2 hours
  • Nominal coverage 300 Ha (741 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • Up to 2 Sensors
  • Endurance 1 hour
  • Nominal coverage 180 Ha (444 Acres) at 120 m
  • Polyamide + Carbon Fiber


  • Up to 3 Sensors
  • Endurance 2.5 hours
  • Nominal coverage 800 Ha (1976 Acres) at 120 m
  • Kevlar + Carbon Fiber

Select the product that best fits your needs. With our drones you can combine RGB, Thermal and Multispectral cameras. We can tailor make a drone to fit your exact needs.


Drone for forestry featured project

Surveying a forest using classical methods for 1.000 Ha (2471 Acres) can take 20 people a month to conduct a survey of 100 samples. This project took two people and one week of work, including flight and image processing time.

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Aerial forestry survey applications and deliverables

Deliver impressive forestry project results in industry standard formats

Drone for forestry


  • Improve forest management and operational planning

  • Inventory Assessment for valuation and taxation

  • Monitoring of illegal activities and encroachment such as logging

  • Research into health of forest enabling targeted response

  • Rapid response to environmental impact events – e.g. assess storm damage

Georeferenced Deliverables

  • Ultra Dense Point Cloud

  • True orthomosaic

  • Contour Lines

  • 3D DEM / DSM

  • 3D Textured Model

Our drones are compatible with Pix4D, Photoscan, Hexagon, Erdas, ArcGIS, Global Mapper and other standards surveying software.

UAV forestry mapping workflow


Select the area you want to scan, plan and simulate your flight survey mission.


Launch your professional drone. It will take-off, capture and geotag high-resolution images and, finally, land. All in fully autonomous mode.


Process acquired images with our software solutions and transform them to digital terrain models.


Deliver impressive results to your customers in almost any industry standard format: CAD, GIS, etc.


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