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We design, develop and operate civilian drones.

Founded in 2012, Novadrone is a full-service drone manufacturer. At the forefront of UAV engineering, we proudly produce high-value drones for professional use in commercial applications.  We use only the highest quality technology and materials, such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. This commitment to quality, combined with our innovative designs, enables us to provide our customers with:

  • Better quality information
  • Rapid response time
  • Better decision making
  • Reduced operating costs and improved profitability
  • Reduced risk to people and projects

Novadrone has an international presence. We continuously participate in R&D projects with leading universities, research centers and private companies. These projects allow us to develop next-generation solutions that deliver our clients maximal functionality at minimal prices.

We provide an umbrella solution for all your needs. This includes engineering services for the design and integration of avionics and sensors, risk management, demonstration flights, training, maintenance, data processing and post-processing optimization.

Design and develop civilian drones


Engineering & Integration services


Cameras, Sensors & Avionics


3D Printed Carbon Fiber Parts


Training, Maintenance & Demonstration flights



Our headquarters are located in Seville, Andalusia, Spain.  Andalusia, Toulouse (France) and Hamburg (Germany) are the largest industrial aviation centers in Europe.

Seville has a great aviation tradition. Many historic events in Spanish aviation took place here, such as the opening of the first regular and national postal line: Sevilla-Larache. Many great flights initiated in Andalusia, including Jesus del Gran Poder’s groundbreaking 1929 flight from Seville to Brazil, and the famous Cuatro Vientos 1933 flight from Seville to Cuba.

An important part of the Spanish aviation industry is located in the Andalusian capital. Here Hispano Aviación and the old company CASA, which is now part of Airbus, produced many original aircraft designed for use at both the national and international level.

Seville has a rich aeronautical heritage due to this history. Today, more than ever, Andalusia is one of the European hubs for aeronautical technology and industry thanks to projects like:

  • The Final Assembly Line (FAL) of the A400M from Airbus Military
  • Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia, Aerópolis
  • Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies CATEC
  • School of Aeronautical Engineering
  • A400M Pilot Training.

Where the magic happens

“To create innovative products, people need an environment of creativity and collaboration. Our products are born not only of bright ideas, but of passion.”

René de la Torre – CEO and Founder