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Drone Forestry – UAV – RPAS

The challenge for foresters and forest management consultants is to maintain the health of the forests of our planet and at the same time, facilitate commercial exploitation of its resources in a socially acceptable manner. There are several tasks where a drone may help forestry managers:

  • Improve forest management and operational planning
  • Inventory Assessment for valuation and taxation
  • Monitoring of illegal activities and encroachment such as logging
  • Research into health of forest enabling targeted response
  • Rapid response to environmental impact events – e.g. assess storm damage
drone forestry



Select the area you want to survey, plan and simulate your mapping mission and tasks.


Launch the Nomad®. It will take-off, capture and geo-tag high resolution images and, finally, land. All in fully autonomous mode.


Process acquired images with our software solutions and transform them to digital 2D orthomosaics, ultra dense 3D point clouds, 3D texturized models, Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM).


Deliver impressive results to your customers in almost any industry standard format: CAD, GIS, etc.

With our drone forestry mapping solutions measure, evaluate and report your forest assets

Drone forestry management

How can the Nomad® help in forestry?

Taking a forest survey using classical methods for 1.000ha, it might take 20 people one month to conduct a survey of, say, 100 samples. Samples are distributed across the survey area and estimations are then inferred for the content of the entire forest.

Following this example, you could first survey that size area in one flight, producing a 3D forest image. This would enable optimal targeting of sample zones, reducing to say 20 plots. It would improve where to target these samples therefore improving inventory calculations and massively reducing timeframes and cost to do so.

The 3D image produced gives height data which, in certain respects, gives greater accuracy of information as the image is not a sample but a complete coverage of the area. This improves operational planning and allows identification of harvesting zones and timeframes. It also enables far greater targeting of needs (reducing costs) – periodic comparison of results would highlight areas with better/worse growth conditions. Therefore needs can be precisely identified and addressed in a far more cost effective manner.

Furthermore, the optional integration of RTK provides a highly accurate positional reference point which provides more precise height calculation than purely with GPS. Ground Control Points can be eliminated or greatly minimised which opens up significant possibilities in terms of timeframes and particularly in difficult to access areas.

Integration of other sensors than RGB, such as multispectral, infrared and thermal offer the possibility to research such aspects as plant health, offering possibilities for highly targeted responses to disease and growth variations.The Nomad is unique in having the payload capacity and the Novadrone engineering capability to integrate multiple sensors to capture various data in a single flight.

Industry standard orthorectified imagery and lidar quality point clouds.


  • Carbon sequestration
  • Production regulations
  • Illegal logging
  • Ecological land use map
  • Targeted certifications for environmental issues
  • Forest restoration
  • Environmental policies
  • Historical land use
  • Conservation features
  • Development of biodiversity in production areas
  • Biological, ecological and landscape features
  • Forest conservation
  • Water risk probability
  • Diseases & pests severity
  • Native species in production area
  • Collaboration to improve environmental impacts
  • Guidelines to avoid mechanical damages and chemical contamination
  • Tree canopy analysis

Nomad® is the perfect tool to develop sustainable forest management


Deliver impressive results to your customers in industry standard formats: Inpho, LPS, Global Mapper, ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Rhino, 3Ds max, Quick Terrain Reader, VRMesh, Meshlab, Google Earth, Google Maps, Farm Works, Blender, Meshmixer, LASTools, Sketchfab, Mapbox, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.

Our Nomad® is equiped with wide angle lens to acquire high density 3D surface models


drone for forestry | Novadrone


When CATIVELLI conducted a survey of its Eucalyptus Forest in La Florida (Uruguay), the Nomad® drone was the only solution its team trusted to produce the high-resolution orthophotography and 3D point cloud  to perform the inventory of its forest assets.


  • High resolution orthophotography
  • 3D georeferenced point cloud
  • GIS map