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Project Description

When GRAHOR, S.L. conducted a survey of its quarry in Seville (Spain), the company’s Nomad® drone was the only solution its team trusted to produce the high-resolution elevation model and extraction volume calculation.

The Nomad is a fixed-wing drone or RPAS developed by Novadrone, S.L. in Spain. The Nomad RPAS is an efficient surveying tool. The system include: full advanced composites, kevlar and carbon fiber airframe, telemetry radio modems, pre-flight mission planning software, post-flight data processing software, a rugged and compact transport case and a cutting edge Sony camera.

The Nomad flight is full automatic from take-off to landing, but controlled in real time by the operator.  Once landed, the post-proccesing software is used to generate the required datasets: a high resolution point cloud, and orthomosaic and a Digital Surface Model (DSM). The survey captured more than 300 true color images from 120 m above ground level with an average GSD of 4 cm. The images were captured with an along-track overlap of 75% and an across-track overlap of 70%. The survey covered a total area of approximately 72 ha.

This survey and accuracy obtained demonstrate that the Nomad is capable of generating survey datasets with accuracy levels that meet and exceed industrial standards.

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