Novadrone participates in Expodronica 2016

Novadrone had a significant presence in Expodrónica 2016, showcasing products, technologies and cutting – edge services. The event was held from 22 to 23 September 2016 at the facilities of Feria de Zaragoza.

The Expodrónica fair is widely recognized as the most important fair of Spain drones. Therefore it is an appropriate place for Novadrone show all their products. Novadrone showed a wide range of products and technologies in the static display area, the highlight being a display of its new aircraft Nomad . The presence of high-profile Expodrónica Novadrone in 2016, including members of senior management, highlighted the commitment of Novadrone with the Spanish aeronautical sector

During the years 2014 and 2015, Novadrone has been developing its aircraft Nomad, a professional drone which stands out as the most robust and efficient in its class, “the Expodrónica fair presents an excellent opportunity to introduce to the aerospace community and defense our new aircraft, which will become a crucial benchmark for our industry” said René de la Torre, CEO of Novadrone. “As one of the best players in this highly competitive market, Novadrone seeks to strengthen its alliances and commercial customers in Spain and around the world. The aerospace and drones in particular in the region of Europe will continue to see growth in the use of these devices for multiple applications. Novadrone aims to play a leading role in meeting the diverse needs of customers in this dynamic market paper”, De La Torre said.

Technological renovation program

As a key player in the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems Remotely (RPAS) Novadrone also presented its new plane NOUR a training platform for professionals who want to start into the services sector based on drones. The plane Nour has the same technology platform as the Nomad aircraft, and although it has limited performance, can develop surveying and precision agriculture projects with solvency.

At Expodrónica 2016, Novadrone also presented its new technological renovation program. Through this program, customers can update their Novadrone drones or replace them to higher versions on very favorable terms.

Novadrone Expodronica 2016

About Novadrone

Since 2012, Novadrone creates professional drones. It is at the forefront of innovation with its Nomad plane, a professional drone that stands out as the most efficient and robust in its class. Novadrone develops engineering activities throughout the value chain of Remotely Unmanned Aircraft System (also known as RPAS or UAVs) sector. Novadrone involved in innovation projects with universities, technology centers and other private companies.

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