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A new article about Novadrone appeared at El Mundo newspaper:

Reinvent itself and put the focus on one of the most promising sectors for the future. This is what made René de la Torre, now founder and CEO at Novadrone, who has managed to find applications to unmanned spacecraft in very different fields. After many years dedicated to renewable energy, regulatory changes in the sector forced him to rethink his future career. A trip to Australia served to verify that the drones were used there “for surveying services in the mining sector. Upon returning I work with renewable energy companies in other countries. In Chile were developing photovoltaic parks large in Atacama desert. I saw the opportunity to use the technology of drones and in 2012 invested my savings to foundNovadrone “he summarizes.

Initially, the company was created to subtract advanced services to engineering companies, initially with purchased , “but we soon discovered that these drones did not meet professional needs and decided to develop our own technology, the NOMAD. This drone was designed to work in adverse conditions and can be use without previous experience in flight. It is a very complex design intended to perform a simple operation”, he continues.

The Sevillian company now has financial support from a private investor who believed in the project and went to a capital support of banks and “participate in innovation projects of the Ministry of Industry, which brings us concessional financing advantageous. Our main goal is to continue developing and marketing professionals worldwide premier drones.

Novadrone is to continue developing and marketing professionals worldwide premier drones. “We take care of the concept, development, flight engineering, integration of electronics and sensors,” says the entrepreneur.

In a booming sector such as drones , it is very important to distinguish itself from competition. “We are one of the few manufacturers worldwide that have opted for fixed-wing drones full manufactured in advanced composites, kevlar and carbon fiber” abounds.“Unlike flying wings, a very widespread design among our competitors, our aircraft design has several advantages because it is very stable in flight, resulting in a very good image quality and ensures better results, we have more space and load capacity, so we can install multiple cameras simultaneously and minimize the number of flights needed. And the most important, we are the only ones who can install flaps to slow the aircraft speed at landing. This allow us to slow the plane and land at very low speed, which protects the electronics, cameras and board sensors “, continues the CEO of the firm.

And that, says, “Our approach is to design equipment that is easy to operation and transportation, high reliability and high performance even in adverse weather conditions. They are also very flexible drones, allowing us to adapt to present and future applications in any professional and industrial sector”.

Companies and professionals in sectors as diverse as civil engineering, forest management, agriculture, as well as research centers and universities are its main customers. “They value the Nomad Endurance and ability to work in all weather conditions. They also appreciate its robustness, reliability and stability in flight, which means better image quality and better results , ” he insists.

The Sevillian company with a clear international vocation, as reported by its founder, attaches particular importance to innovation within your organization. “We are innovative SMEs the only ones capable of bringing new products to market quickly and create quality jobs. Although growing rapidly, the sector of the drones and robotics in general, is in its infancy, as the computer in seventies of the last century. so do not let a single day to think and dream of future applications and equipment, “he continues.

Novadrone hopes to consolidate the technical team with the addition of a telecommunications engineer this year and strengthen its team in Chile “to offer commercial support to our customers in South America and eventually opened a new headquarters in Seville, which will unite all areas of the company and will have sufficient space for the development and integration of our products “. The firm is located at the moment in the CREA City Hall at Seville, where entrepreneurial projects are incubated in the city.

It currently has a staff of eight people. “All the technical, commercial and administrative team consists of graduates. From the beginning I trusted in very young people, almost all recently left out the university. Those who are now part of the Novadrone team  have shown a very good preparation, a firm commitment to do a well done work and, above all, a real passion for participating in an innovative project that allows them to compete on equal terms with technology companies of any country”, he concludes.

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