Air System of Detection, Monitoring and Maritime Identification

SADSIM Project

The project “SADSIM”, Air System of Detection, Monitoring and Maritime Identification, has received this Wednesday, 22 December, a positive resolution to the request for assistance submitted to the 2016 call for the FEDER INNTERCONECTA Program.

FEDER INNTERCONECTA is a call framed in the State Program of Research, Development and Innovation oriented to the Challenges of the Society, within the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016.

The project is being developed by a group of technological companies TTI NORTE, NOVADRONE, INGENOSTRUM and AEORUM and will have the participation of research organizations such as Grupo de investigación de control y robótica de la Universidad de Huelva, Grupo DIANA de la Universidad de Málaga y IAT (Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología).

Safety is one of the key elements in maritime traffic, both for the crew and passengers and for the cargo transported. The aim of SADSIM project is the design and development of a RPAS system with a preventive purpose, to inspect certain areas and identify specific objectives. Thanks to the incorporation of artificial vision and communication systems and to the platform used for landings and takeoff, the whole system will provide relevant data that will facilitate not only the navigation but also a better integral action.


  • Universities: Universidad de Huelva, Universidad de Málaga
  • Technological Centers: Instituto Andalúz de Tecnología
  • Total Investment: 1.8M€

Promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

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