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Defining problems, then providing decision-making systems, are the keys to integrated farm management. This enables farmers to optimize their returns on investment and conserve natural resources.

Novadrone focuses on providing farmers with professional tools that improve production, reduce cost and risk, and enable them to focus on what they do best: running their businesses.

The Nomad maximizes area coverage whilst providing superior results each time you fly. It has a high capacity payload which can be integrated with any sensor(s) you need, be it RGB, multispectral, infrared or thermal.

The acquisition of high-precision aerial imagery in multi-spectral bands via UAV technology is the 21st Century way to optimize cultivation techniques, maximize resources, reduce costs, increase production and improve quality.



Select the area you want to survey then plan and simulate your mission and tasks


Capture aerial images from your crop with our drones.


Process acquired images with our software solutions and convert them to index maps such as NDVIs, DVIs, SAVI, etc.


Analyze acquired information and provide conclusions.


Cameras and sensors

Our engineers can work with your team to integrate the sensor(s) optimal for your application.


Nomad POD

Interchangeable POD. Being able to carry one or more cameras at the same time means your possibilities are endless. Combine RGB + THERMAL + MULTISPECTRAL cameras per application requirements. The Nomad POD is fully manufactured using advanced composites. The camera supports are manufactured using aluminum and/or 3D printed PLA + Carbon Fiber parts. All our camera supports include anti-vibration systems to obtain perfect images.

Learn more about the Nomad POD >

Drone tasks by season

  • Pre-harvest: dry down and observe stand consistency

  • Post-harvest: analyze soils, tillage and topography.

  • Perform early soil analysis

  • Analyze tillage

  • Analyze tile drainage

  • Analyze drainage

  • Manage irrigation

  • Observe growth variability

  • Observe and assess nitrogen needs

  • Monitor crop stages to optimally time applications

  • Assess input and machinery performance

The main goals of precision farming are to increase crop production, optimize crop quality and manage pests effectively. These functions all support sustainable agriculture.


  • Soil property & moisture analysis
  • Disease & pest severity
  • Crop health and stress analysis
  • Water management
  • Erosion analysis
  • Plant physiology analysis
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Maturity evaluation
  • Yield forecasting
  • Visual inspection
  • Elevation modeling
  • Plant counting


Deliver impressive results to your customers employing industry standard formats: Inpho, LPS, Global Mapper, ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Rhino, 3Ds max, Quick Terrain Reader, VRMesh, Meshlab, Google Earth, Google Maps, Farm Works, Blender, Meshmixer, LASTools, Sketchfab, Mapbox, VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.

Our drone technology can help you or your agronomist optimize input usage and maximize yields.


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